Sunday, February 20, 2011

At the Feet/A Groupie of John Philip Newell

At the Feet/A Groupie of John Philip Newell

This weekend Palms Presbyterian church hosted John Philip Newell as our visiting theologian for 2011. I have now shared 3 meals, listened at his feet, practiced chanting and body prayer, shared local Jacksonville beer and been his “book signing bouncer”.

If you are not familiar with John Philip Newell, I direct you to his web page . Beyond what you can learn on the web page I can tell you that he is a gentle soul with a smile and words that can light up a large sanctuary of people. I can tell you his drink of choice is a cold beer in a bottle (though he will take it in a frosted glass) and that in the February sun of Florida he gets sunburned.

I take away much from his visit on which to think and pray. He is written much, so I do not need to repeat that which he says better and in first person.

Here are some take away phrases:

Made of God
Yearnings for Oneness
Love Longings
New Ancient Wisdom
Radically New Ways
Heart of Present
Deeply Challenged
Deeply Loved
The Deepest Truth
Profoundly False Ways of Seeing
Mystery of Creation
Mystery of Christ
Two Loves: Love of Christ and Creation
Journey of Listening
The Heartbeat of Christ
Deep Within
In the Midst of Pain, We Listen
Mystery Swirlings of Energy that Seek New Life and New Beginnings
Reconnected to the Sand of the Very Beginning
The Time in Which We Live
The Earth is Literally Throwing Up Ancient Books of Scripture and
Testimony of Jesus
Heart of the Light of Tradition
Shadow Side of Tradition
Infinitely Deep Well of Truth
What has Happened to Our Instinct for Unity
We have a Response-Ability
Give Ourselves to the Healing Again
Holy Instinct for Unity
Without Peace in the House of Abraham
There will be No Peace in our nations.

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