Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hadrian's Wall

Corbridge England---Just off of Hadrian's Wall Responsibility traveled with me. Because of what I leave behind, I am required to come back a better person...better mom, wife, pastor, friend. Because of the opportunity, I am responsible to bring part of the world back with me in my reality and in story.

The question remains, "why am I here?'

I woke up from sleeping for 12 HOURS!! What?? 12 Hours? Yes.

I made my way to Chollerford Roman Ruins, particularly good bath ruins, I am told. This is NOT what is here from me. More interesting, I find, are the drawings of what things would have looked like. I would love to hang out in a real Roman bath --except or the part where you are naked with everyone. The idea of all the different rooms is intriguing: hot bath, cool bath, plunge rooms---why doesn't this exist now? Why hasn't Ponte Vedra Inn and Club recreated one of these? I think it could make it as a business.

I made my way to Housesteads Roman Fort, purchased a national trust 10 day international pass, glanced at the Roman Fort ruins, and was on my way up to Hadrian's Wall.

This is where I was Spirited to come....but why? Months ago, "there is something for you there" was the message. "OK, I am here, what now?" I started walking.

I don't know what is here for me, but I don't want to miss it if it is obvious (I don't think it will be obvious). But, I will pay attention while I walk the wall. After day 1, I do have "lessons I learned on the wall." Actually lessons I learned on the first 3 miles of my walk because the last 7 miles I was tired and seaty and I ran out of water and my level of perception went way down.

Lessons from the Wall

1. Sometimes you take the long way around rather than put yourslf at physical risk.

2. There is lots of poop.

3. On pretty days, there are lots of people, but they leave when it starts to get cold.

4. There are many ups and downs.

5. You should walk next to people, not in a straight line (to help preserve the land).

6. If the walk gets really steep, look down and chount each step. When you get to 100 you are either at the top or you deserve a break.

7. Dogs are good companions.

8. Sometimes, going down is more difficulut than going up.

9. Sports bras are a good invention.

10. Older couples wearing matching sweaters make me smils.

11. When you sweat, little flies follow you.

12. Some days are a great day to live and would be a fine day to die (again, this was written when I had energy and all was beautiful).

13. Sometimes, it is good not to have anyone to complain to (I was beginning to get tired here).

14. You give way to people coming up (not those going down).

15. Cows make a lot of noise eating.

16. Guidebooks are good, but don't use them as rule books.

17. If you go off the path, you might end up in deep poop (see lesson #2)

I'm not sure if any of those lessons are Spirit lessons that I was to learn. Maybe the 12 hours of sleep was what was here for me.

Now, I have had half of my pint at the Golden Lion (built in the 1700's) I ate a big fish and chip meal with some kind of mashed up peas which didn't taste like any peas I know. But, the peas were green, so I ate them because I didn't have any other green thing today.

Off to the Priorfield Bed and Breakfast. Tomorrow, Sunday, I am going to the cathedral in Durham, walking more and then Vespers at the St. Andrews Church in Corbridge.

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