Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2nd

Today was a day of three churches. It is a rainy day and we cannot see across the Sea of Galilee today.

The first church is on the traditional Mount of the Beatitudes. (read Matthew 14:13 and on) A church that Catholic nuns run sits on the site where pilgrims through the years have come to pray and worship and to see.

In the church there is lots of marble (stone), If you touch the marble, it is very cold and smooth. The church is shaped in an octagon. There were mosaics made of lots of tile on the floors.

Next, we visited a church at the shore of the Sea of Galilee. This second church is called the church at Tabgha. It is known for a mosaic of loaves and fishes,. (read John 21:1-19). There are springs here that made the water warm, so lots of fishes are in this area. It was a very plain church with wood beams on the ceiling. It is made of stone. There is a small goldfish pond in the courtyard before you enter the church. And….there were swallows flying and flitting all around and making little chirping sounds.

The last church we visited is know as “the Primacy of Peter” church. Peter was Jesus’ disciple who Jesus said, “You are Peter, the rock, and on this rock, I will build my church”

Here, I gathered tiny shells to give to the children in Sunday school. (you have to be there the Sunday I get back to get a shell from the Sea of Galilee). I made sure they did not have snails or other animals in them.

I am putting a picture of each of the churches on today’s entry. I also posted a picture of me on the Sea of Galilee where I picked up the shells.

For my niece, McKenna….I will get a picture of the orange juice machine and post it (maybe tomorrow) The oranges fall down from a big bin and go into a squeezer that busts them through their peel and squirts the juice into your cup. It is very cool.


  1. McKenna is home for a snow day today!! She says that the picture of you on the Sea of Galilee looks like you're walking on water like Jesus!

  2. have you found my jordan (river) almonds yet? or, i would also like a piece of the wailing wall. thank you.