Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday, March 1

Today I woke up very happy that I had slept all night long! The sun was shining and when I opened the curtains to our hotel room, I could see the Sea of Galilee. (note about the Sea of Galilee….it is actually a large lake and you can see all around it). I had expected it to be bigger, but am not disappointed.

Our breakfast was srumpdeliscious. This hotel knows about food. I have posted a couple of pictures of breakfast and will try to post a video of the orange juice maker that automatically squeezes oranges while you wait. I was most impressed with the honeycomb (the kind bees make) that was hanging on a rack. You take your spoon and pull it off and eat it!

We got on our big bus and went to a cliff on the side of a hill called Arbel Cliff. From this cliff, you can see all around the Sea of Galillee. One place you can see is called the land of Gennesaret. If you look up Matthew 14:34 in the bible, you will see that after Jesus fed the five thousand men plus women and children, he and the disciples crossed to sea to the land of Gannesaret.

This is the end of the rainy season in Israel. Soon it will stop raining and everything will dry up because there is no water. But…right now things are green and also, muddy. There are all different colors of wildflowers growing out of the sides of rocks. We have seen mango trees, banana trees and olive trees. I will try and include a picture of me on the Arbel Cliff with an olive tree.

On the side of the hills you can see caves. Through the years, different people have hidden in caves such as these. In the bible a number of people including David and Elijah hid in and lived in caves.

We left Arbel Cliff and went in our bus to the ancient city of Capernaum. Capernaum was where Jesus began his ministry. He left his home of Nazareth and went to Capernaum. There he taught in the synagogue and performed miracles of healing. He became very famous during the time he was in Capernaum. (See Matthew 4:13, 11:23; Mark 1:21; Luke 7:1; 10; 15 and John 6:59). Capernaum is right on the Sea of Galilee and some of disciples (including Peter) are thought to be from Capernaum.

We visited the place that people think is Peter’s house. There is a church on top of it now, but there is a glass floor and you can see through to where archeologists have dug down to what they think is Peter’s house. (Remember Peter lived over 2000 years ago, when Jesus did, so the original house would not still be there).

Next to Peter’s house are the ancient synagogue ruins. This is probably where Jesus taught with people gathered around him. There are cats walking around the ruins. Lots of places are fenced off so people can’t walk around, but the cats just walk around all over!

We went to a Lebanese restaurant and had fish. Which was fine, except that the fish was cooked with the head still on (eyes and everything)?

Back at our hotel, the missing suitcases got to us. Hurray!!


  1. McKenna wants to see the pictures of the food and is very interested in the juicer and honeycomb!!

  2. McKenna wants to see the pictures of the food and is very interested in the juicer and honeycomb!!